Most Common Marriage Problems

It is not a secret that almost every couple goes through certain difficulties in their marriage. Some problems are easy to solve while others results in quarrels, offenses and eventually divorces. This is especially painful if a couple has children who suffer because their parents failed to solve marriage problems.

Is Marriage a Conservative Issue?

You have probably noticed that thousands and even millions of young (and not only young) people are living in so called civil unions. This is a hot trend these days. If 20 or 40 years ago this was a challenge to the society, now civil unions are considered quite normal. Indeed, two people are living together. They love each other.

Are You Ready for Marriage?

Making a decision to become a family is not easy. Moreover, taking into account the recent rate of divorces, couples have to think twice before they marry. You should be absolutely sure that you are about to make the right move.

The Truth About Teenage Marriages

Teenage wedding has become a common social concern. Of course, there are cases when young people manage to finish education and take care of a child. Yes, unwanted pregnancy is one of the most popular reasons that makes young people get married in their teen years.

Best Tips on Saving Your Marriage

Modern statistics on marriages is pretty sad. About 50% of marriages end up in divorce. This explains popularity of various marriage tips that partners are looking for. Indeed, no one wants to break marriage and divorce since it is very traumatic experience. No one wants to go through this process.

5 Tips on Self Help Marriage Counseling

We are in the age of information where you can access everything and where you can find out how you can repair almost anything, from furniture to marriages. So, in case you are seeking self help marriage counseling, here are some pointers which you might want to take into consideration.

Marriage Counseling Advice

If you have been looking for information on marriage counseling advice, then you need not look further as this is the article you needed.

Christian Marriage Counseling – Why Most Counseling Methods Don’t Work

Did your marriage begin to lag? Has your relationship altered and have you begun to behave differently one towards another? You know what I mean, the couple you thought you’d never be. The couple who is always arguing, who gives the impression that they dislike one another. The one you look at and instantly know that one of them is having an affair.

Christian Marriage Counseling – 5 Secret Steps You Should Take

It is not something extraordinary to find that a marriage which has started on the base of love, trust and faith to be in deep waters. There are many small things which might have contributed to the problem, but if it’s not all “honey and milk”, it does not mean that the marriage is going to end and even if things are going the wrong way, you still have hope.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Renounce on Your Bad Marriage

I am writing to you about this, because I have had second-hand experience in this. I, for myself, have had two wonderful marriages. The first lasted 30 years and ended because of my wife passed away. The second is in its forth wonderful year.

Marriage Advice – Don’t Complain So Much – 4 Reasons

Have you ever talked to your friends and for one reason or another you began to talk about things in your relationship? Have you ever complained about your spouse to your friends? Women call it “venting”.

Understanding Marriage Counseling

According to well known opinion marriage counseling is one of the best way to solve difficult problems in a family or with boy/girlfriend. Why? First of all it gives people some special tools of how to deal with problems correctly, how to build good strong relationships etc.

Finding a Good Marriage Counselor

How do you think — can a marriage counselor help? Some people think that it is really easy to work on marriage issues but there are such situations where it is necessary to turn to a professional.

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