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pick up lines In our time of technology and accessibility of information of any kind it is not difficult to find in Internet lots of data about seduction pick up lines. It is easy to read different seduction stories and articles where people tells about their experience and what did they find out in the situations they were – conclusions, new seduction techniques and so on. Some people give advices, some – write strong rules of behaver: how to acquaint correctly, how to care for correctly, how to build relationships correctly or how to part without any problems or anything else! One will easly find numerous answers to these questions in Internet.

There are a lot of official publications with websites’ admins as the authors also. And the question is only one – how among all these tons of information – interesting and not really – find really good teacher seduction and become a great seducer? How to become one of those famous seducers as Robert Lovelace for example?
 First of all we should determine how we consider seduction – what is it? What actions does it include? How it is necessary to realise them correctly? What aims does a person wants to achieve? How to use pick-up lines correctly? And so on.
So, the first what we will speak about is what seduction is. It is the instrument, special skills which help to get acquainted with a woman/man for further relations. One can determine it as a very useful science which helps to communicate with opposite sex. Some people will explain seduction as a play between two. Anyway, everybody will agree that it is necessary to «know the rules of this play» and understand how one should behave.
Seduction aims can be very different. It depends on what one wants to achieve as result of this play – well spent time, relations with the partner, jealousy of husband/wife or something else.
All the psychologists will agree with the fact that seduction plays very important role in our life. It is some kind of our self-expression. We like to realize that we are beautiful ad other people like and love us. This game wakes a hunter in a man and makes a woman a wonderful butterfly which attracts everyone around. These emotions make us happy and our life more interesting and exciting.

Art of seduction is very difficult to learn because most of all it is our inner emotion, our aspiration, desire, impulse, gust.. One can name of couse lots of rules, seduction techniques, laws and so on which take place in the theory of seduction, but it will stay just common pre-programmed actions which hardly ever will get some good results. Some people can not be successful here because they are too shy and modest to make bold and crazy actions. And another on the contrary feel very comfortable in the terms of this play. So, in conclusion we can say that success in seduction depends on th personality and a character.
In every society there are people which do not consider this kind of relations as acceptable and appreciative. They correlate it with such negative actions as intimate relations in public places, too close and indecent actions. We cannot agree with such opinion because seduction is a special way of behaver, and its main idea is to communicate in official places. Moreover, we can say that this kind of converse is very useful. For young people it is a method of acquaintance and search for a partner. For married people seduction is a very good method to change their common type of conversation, to «play» with each other, to become young and free again (as example sexy seduction) and for some copes it is a way to make husband/wife jealous. Everyone see own aims in this process.
One can ask a question if it is possible to consider relationship seduction as serious relations or it is just a play for reaching necessary results? It is interesting that there is no single answer to this question. One can consider relationship seduction as just a flirt and no more even if there was sexual seduction as a part of seduction. It depends on what people wanted to achieve and if it was not any necessary in strong real relations there would not be any serious contacts. Sometimes it happens that people using this method find their true love and there are very strong and long relations. So one can hardly ever name seduction as negative reality of our modern life.
Speaking about actions which can be mention in arsenal of seduction, we can say that there are a lot of different variants (it can be limited only be our imagination). Here can be a smile, a compliment, a touch, a sigh, a long view, a conversation or any thing else. Everything what you need is to turn on your imagination and not to be afraid to start because otherwise you will not feel all those exciting action of the first look, talk, kiss and possible future relationships.

Pickup lines. What do we need to know?

According to the name of the article you have understood that this is to discuss some areas concerning men and women, their relationships, some methods of pick up, attraction and seduction, what should be done and what is rather dangerous in a try to attract a girl/boy. In other words we are going to talk about the art of seduction.
First of all you need to have a clear understanding of the word “seduction”. This comprehension includes such different (at the first sign!) areas as pick up lines which many men and women use to start a conversation, different methods of attraction the opposite sex, various techniques to make a person fall in love, relationships and methods to make a partner happy, smile etc. Seduction can also give clear answers and advice how to behave on a first date, how to get a girl/boyfriend, how to impress a girl, how to pick up girls without saying anything, how to ask girls for dates, how to flirt with body language, how to make a girl/boy like you and so on.

What kinds of pick up lines do we know? Lets list them:

  • Funny pick up lines
  • Flattering pick up lines
  • Cheesy pick up lines
  • Corny pick up lines
  • Romantic pick up lines
  • Cute pick up lines
  • Sweet pick up lines
  • Bad pick up lines
  • Dirty pick up lines
  • Stupid pick up lines
  • Good pick up lines
  • Best pick up lines
  • Awesome pick up lines
  • Flirting pick up lines

Seduction sources or where can you find really interesting and useful pick up lines?

As one of the most common and usual sources about flirt we can name seduction stories, which everyone have heard at least once in own life. It is common for every person as it is a part of our experience and from the psychological point of view such stories, which we want to tell, are our try to communicate with people around us, it is our wish to help, to teach as we consider ourselves more experience than a person we are talking to.
For people who listen seduction stories (it does not matter who is an author – parents, friends, cousins or unknown internet users) it can be very useful as is it possible to learn the right ways of behavior, good pickup lines, interesting techniques of how to approach a girl or start a conversation… A person can understand what “type” of men do girls prefer and why. By the way we can name here not only seduction stories as a way of art of seduction learning but also a common conversation can be very useful. Why? The answer is very easy! Just imagine: you can ask an opposite sex representative all the interesting for you questions, moments, possible situations and reactions which have caused and can cause you some difficulties and may be troubles. Would not it be curious for you to understand the reasons of such behavior? We think it would.
Many people who are very professional (if it is enough correct word) in this area say as one that it is necessary to understand psychology of a girl or a boy in reason to know if this or that action would be appropriate during a common conversation or in a process of seduction. Such professionalism is usually about a comprehension “mature seduction” which is so popular to be presented in different movies. It is quite possible that everyone remember a situation when two boys (girls) have a deal that one of them is okey to seduce a necessary person. Yes?
It is obviously that all people want to archive such skills. That is why we do listen so attentively different seduction stories and discuss this theme so zealously. What else do people do?
There are so many sourses of such kind of information – books, newspapers, magazines, TV, Internet, cinema.. One of the most interesting sourses mentioned above is seduction cinema which is very popular amoung people of different ages and countries. Here one can watch plenty of beauterful stories about love, emotions, ways of behavior etc. Some of them became classical and we do sure that you know them.
In general what is the reason of the popularity of all these films, articles and stories? We think that it is their ability to teach, to bring some new and useful information about seduction.

Seduction – should it be a set of rules or emotions is a key factor?

There are two very different and at the same time very strong and truly opinions about the main factors in seduction. Some people come to conclusion that seduction should be based on emotions, and all the actions should be done due to gust. In other words the main factor here is the absence of any prepared words, phrases or actions. We can consider an easy example: one boy, say, it would be John saw a girl. This girl is very nice and pretty. So he decided to pick up her. How? He did not know at that moment anything about her, so his actions could get an unrespectable end. So, finally, he told her the first thing came to his head. Was it bold? May be. The absolute advantage of this kind of behavior is possible new fresh ideas and words that can lead to success.
 And what if he used prepared phrases? Common pick-up lines from the Internet? Or standard ways of starting a conversation? Would this method successful? How to seduce a woman? We do not know that because each girl likes different ways of pick up. Some prefer imagination and fresh ideas instead of listening to banal phrases which use all boys around. One we can say surely: using seduction techniques is easier way for pick up. 

What seduction techniques do we know or how to seduce a woman?

1. Pick up phrases which are used for starting a conversation or it is just a light cue to a girl that you liked her. Here the girl can act in two ways: ignore it or tell something too what will mean that she liked it. 2. Special ways of behavior. Here as example we can name a smile, a touch, a sign, ignoration etc. All of them can say even more than words. 3. There are many different methods for men how to stay interesting and attractive, independent and unforgivable for a woman. In Internet one can easily find many texts about it with many advice from common users. The main reason is in men’s behavior – what they say, what place they suggest to visit, what drinks they prefer, what are their interests and so on. All these factors create a special image, which can be as advantage as disadvantage. 4. As one of relationships steps and another seduction technique is a date. Such meetings need to be rather professional and well-skilled to get a positive outcome. 5. Sexual seduction is a special sphere and another, unique technique where both sexes have own methods of behavior to attract somebody. They are very different. Here there are some of them: to look into a partner’s eyes correctly, not too long and too quick; to create a special warm, quite and seductive atmosphere in a place for two; several special presents which can tell more then words.

Some words about sexual seduction

There are so many different seduction techniques that they cannot be presented here in a full amount. We would like to tell some more words about the last technique mentioned in the list above. Sexy seduction is very important part of people’s relationships. No one will be against the phrase that sexual seduction is one of the stages in the relationships of a couple.
First of all we should mention that the main meaning of the word “seduction” is the process of enticing a man or a woman to engage in sexual behavior of some sort. So sexual part of human communication is obvious and necessary thing.
Sexual seduction is very old practice which is based on the social principle that involves people in a particular act. There are many various methods and forms of involving people into it, but the result of these actions is the same – sexual behavior.
As one of the most famous seducers we can name Giacomo Casanova, Don Juan, Cleopatra and many others. They were very famous people in their time but their fame in alive until present-day time. In the history of own country every person would easily find such people as mentioned above.
Considering world history we can mention first sexual seduction in ancient times and a period of gods and goddesses. Lots of myths and legends tell us different beautiful, fantastic stories about seduction. Cleopatra understood that sexy seduction is very powerful straight which can lead to success and bring everything what one wants. Casanova is famous for his outstanding art of seduction, and now his name became tantamount to all people who want to be a seducer. Don Juan is another vary famous seducer of all times which is known for being very cruel seducer and getting sex with any woman he wanted.
Seduction during the ages has been considered as not positive, not negative thing. Actually, now, in a modern life our laws tell us that this attraction method is more negative than positive. Now it is a crime especially if it concerns teen seduction.
Speaking about negative side of seduction we can name also different stories about teacher seduction. There are plenty of such stories and it is really a problem because in a time of high technologies, fast internet and PC children and teens have a free access to the information of such kind. And it is really easy to find information about such teacher-student seduction stories common for our life today.
And is seduction so negative reality of our life? Is here any positive moments? People may ask a question if one can consider relationship seduction as serious relations or it is just a way to reach necessary goals? One can consider relationship seduction as just a flirt and no more even if there was sexual seduction as a part of seduction. In general it depends on what people want to achieve and if it is not any necessity in strong relations there would not be any serious contacts. There are cases whan people using this method find their true love and there are very strong and long relations. So one can hardly ever name art of seduction as negative reality of our modern life.
Many websites present data about hot seduction, its methods and seduction techniques. For adults it can be very useful information because one can read about different kinds of seduction, stories etc. Many psychologists agree with the opinion that seduction plays very important role in life of every person. It is some kind of our self-expression. We like to realize that we are beautiful ad other people like and love us. This game wakes a hunter in a man and makes a woman a wonderful butterfly which attracts everyone around. These emotions make us happy and our life more interesting and exciting. It is like a play for adults, but a person should be enough ready for such relations in a psychological, emotional and physical point of view.

Seduction and own horoscope

Some people do believe that the twelve astrological signs have some influence on how to seduce a man or a woman and how do people like to be seduces. We do not exactly if it is true but we want to consider this idea.
It is well known that astrological signs influence on a character of a person, his/her wishes and emotions. So it is clearly that these twelve signs also influence seduction. So we would like to consider aries seduction as example: it is said that people who belong to this astrological sign like a partner to be aggressive and bold in actions One should not ask permission for a kiss or embrace. Also aries-people like to hear compliments about themselves. They should be the sexiest people all over the world, the most beautiful and… in general the best! Psychology tells us that Aries like to debate, to find out the truth in a conversation, so one should remember that. Actually, there is such kind of information about all astrological signs but we would not mention all of them here.

Some words into conclusion about using pick up line

Seduction is necessary part of our life and it should develop in different ways. There are plenty of various seduction techniques, ways of behavior and actions, pick up lines and common words to start a conversation in a right way. We have told you about them above but we had not answer the main question yet – what for? What for all people pay so much attention to this kind of communication? Is it so important and significant? What is the main, key reason for all seduction stories we have heard?
Of cause every person has his/her own explanation to all these questions. Here in this article we would say only that this theme, which we were talking about, is very significant for everybody. And we see here the only reason which in very easy – communication. Every one of us does not want to be along in own life and that is why we do search partners for being together. And it is okey as we thing. The main thing everyone should determine for his/her own is the reason for seduction. Do you need to find a friend, wife/husband for the rest of the life and be happy living together? Or you need a partner for one or two nights?

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